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Considerations for the use of operation pumps


At present, domestic pump manufacturers continue to increase, domestic infusion pump this industry is constantly expanding, the market share of domestic pump rise in recent years, the domestic industry infusion pump for us who is happy and proud, the new year has started, colleagues need to work harder to continue to improve in the new year, strict quality control, with the progress of technology, and constantly improve the quality, enhance the credibility of the medical industry, social services.

Domestic infusion pump brand dozens, but because of an infusion pump, injection pump and other products for import, its technical content is not too high, after decades of development and improvement of technology maturity in previous years, it can improve the comprehensive performance tends to be stable, but the situation caused by the clinical assistant equipment products, application in China is still in a primary state, many hospitals in the use and understanding or not too familiar with the use of the problems still more, for this, I summarized some basic characteristics of domestic infusion pump for a small sum, I hope to help the majority of hospital medical staff be familiar with the operation of infusion pump, to reduce the workload of medical care, improve the quality of work and level.

The basic working principle of domestic infusion pumps are roughly the same, the basic structure is not much difference between performance and quality, factors such as the exclusion of different manufacturers of the machine, some problems of single infusion pump in use process will appear, I make the following summary.

1. infusion, infusion pump for domestic infusion in the strict sense is not fully qualified. Because the actual situation is different in different hospitals, infusion use, so in the performance, quality can not be unified. Infusion infusion pump work ideal should be used for infusion good flexibility, excellent quality, long time without causing serious extrusion decreased elasticity, pipeline damage situation, so as to ensure good transfusion precision. Although some domestic infusion pump is fully compatible with domestic infusion, but the accuracy will be used in the process of infusion decreased, good elasticity, therefore recommended hospital use good quality. Kinds of infusion infusion infusion pump using the procedure shown above to practical use. And if there is no name that you should choose to customize it, and The utility model can be used after the infusion device is calibrated so as to avoid the increase of the error of the transfusion precision

2. infusion drip kettle and infusion pump should be maintained above 10 cm above the door at the entrance to the concrete, too short too long will affect how much the infusion precision. Because the amount of liquid transfusion hanging bottle itself is not completely standard, plus infusion itself should be filled with liquid, so a preset amount is slightly less than the amount of infusion and the amount of drugs and drug lose avoid, not to lose my alarm, of course, will lose liquid bubble bubble alarm alarm, the pump is very sensitive, not afraid, afraid of the event, but an alarm failure, it is possible to put air into the body, produce air embolism, endanger the patient's life, who is this do not want to happen.

The 3. hospital according to the infusion of different specifications and quality control measures, infusion should adopt flexible, some manufacturers when it comes to the use of ordinary infusion, 7 to 8 hours should be infusion of pulling down a distance. In fact the safest and most accurate perspective, using ordinary infusion at the same the position is best not to squeeze more than 4 hours; the common infusion device is made of plastic, PVC tube, its elasticity, quality is uneven, long time infusion time, pump tablets after extrusion pipe is easy to deform, quality or even damage of elastic or security will be greatly decreased significantly effect of transfusion of accuracy and safety of transfusion. Not all use conditions a special infusion tube expensive in China, the use of this method is very scientific and effective.

Specific methods of operation are as follows:

You open the door (recommended pump will now open alarm, don't ignore it) before the closing of control valves infusion pipelines, and then open the liquid stopping clamp, pipe downward or upward pulling distance of about ten centimeters, and the pipe must be straight not bent and too loose, once the bending will have a greater error, then shut the door on, open the control valve to the infusion.

Methods: 4. general infusion infusion pump flow mode (ml / h), drop number (the number of drops per minute) mode, the total time model (total - hours), the liquid weight mode. The mode of infusion as the first flow mode, the other is the final mode flow mode, so the medical staff can to choose the model according to the use of their drug habits or instructions in use. To be honest, simple, good stability, the program is too much and complicated is caused by the instability of a factor, like a car configuration a lot, a program error may affect vehicle performance. The utility is hard truth, but these things require the user to select different products according to their actual needs.

5., about the infusion pump alarm several introduction, roughly for the following kinds:

Bubble alarm, block alarm, open door alarm, battery low voltage alarm, power line shedding alarm, abnormal alarm of machine flow speed, program error alarm, etc.

The basic principle of solution is an antidote against the disease alarm should check the pipeline; the bubble has no bubble retention, the infusion tube is closed and the slot line contact, whether there is skin residue and check bubble probe cleanliness. Completely eliminated these problems, there are still bubble alarm, you can take a mobile line, or take a quick row before entering the body, let it run for a period of May.

When blocking the alarm, you should first check whether the original control valve is fully turned on