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China Medical Device Industry Development Report: national brand is in a weak position


Since the reform and opening up, China's medical equipment industry has attracted worldwide attention, especially since the twenty-first Century, the industry has entered a rapid growth stage. In the past five years, the number of medical institutions has steadily increased, and a great deal of medical infrastructure investment will be brought into operation in the coming years, and medical device manufacturers will benefit from them. Beginning in 2014, the medical equipment manufacturing enterprises responsible for the first will be further implemented, production quality and safety awareness and the level will be significantly improved, so as to promote the medical equipment industry structure adjustment and industrial upgrading, enhance the quality and safety of medical devices in China security force. But I dark horse believes that the development of China's medical equipment industry, there is still a long way to go.


I. Development of China's medical device industry

At present, China's medical device market has grown rapidly, and has become the world's third largest medical equipment market after the United States and Japan, and China has become the main region to increase the global market. Over the next few years, if we have maintained the current pace of development, China will overtake Japan as the world's second largest medical device market. Medical devices and drugs are two important medical means, developed countries both the proportion of sales is relatively close, while China's medical equipment sales is about 1/3 of drug sales, visible medical equipment market in China has great potential. China's medical device market is active, and the orientation of national policy and the replacement of domestic medical and health institutions have made China a huge market for medical equipment consumption. With the stimulation of market demand and the sustained and stable development of China's economy, the medical equipment industry in our country has developed rapidly. In the entire pharmaceutical industry, the importance of the increasingly prominent, is followed by developed countries gradually "heavy equipment and light drugs" development path, of course, there is still a long way to go.

According to the statistics of the Ministry of industry, enterprises in 2012, the national medical equipment output value of 139 billion 860 million yuan; according to China Medical equipment industry association projections, output value of more than 300 billion yuan. According to conservative estimates, by 2015, the output value of medical equipment will reach 4500-5000 yuan.

According to the State Food and drug administration, as of the end of 2012, 15348 manufacturing enterprises (8414 kinds, 4370, two, three, 2564). Among them, the state key regulatory enterprises 829, the provincial key regulatory enterprises 1175. Overall, the development of China's medical equipment industry presents the following characteristics:

1., regional development is in good shape

With the rapid development of China's medical equipment industry, the country has formed a gathering area and the development of the manufacturing of several medical devices industry zone, the Pearl River Delta, Yangtze River Delta and Beijing Tianjin Bohai Bay in three regions become three local medical device industry gathering area. According to incomplete statistics, the sum of the total output value of medical equipment in the three regions and the sum of sales accounted for more than 80% of the total amount of the whole country. Because of the different conditions, these three industrial agglomeration areas show obvious regional characteristics.

Taking Shenzhen as the center of the Pearl River Delta (including Zhuhai, Guangzhou and other places), R & D and production of integrated high-tech medical products is its strength, the main products are medical imaging equipment, monitoring equipment, ultrasonic diagnostic MRI and gamma knife, X knife and other large stereotactic radiotherapy equipment, hyperthermia equipment, direct reflection a new technology of modern medical equipment. The export of medical devices in Shenzhen has developed rapidly, and the total output value of regional production has increased by more than 30%. Shenzhen industrial advantages of electronics, computer and communication, mechatronics and other fields, and the development of modern medical equipment is a comprehensive high-tech achievements in these fields, resulting in intensive advantages, combined with preferential policies, the market mechanism, the motivation and cultivation of Shenzhen, the medical device industry to flourish in Shenzhen.

In recent years, with Beijing as the center of the Bohai Bay Area (including Tianjin, Liaoning, Shandong) medical devices a momentum of rapid development, including DR, MRI, digital ultrasonic, accelerator, computer navigation equipment, medical equipment, Department of orthopedics respiratory anesthesia machine and cardiovascular equipment production enterprise groups are formed. A group of small and medium-sized enterprises rose rapidly, these enterprises established only a few years, but the output value has been close to or even more than 100 million yuan. They use the attention from the government and itself has the ability of science and technology, more inclined to the field of digital medical equipment, although showing strength in the market at present is not very prominent and powerful, but the strong momentum, great potential.

Shanghai has a profound industrial base, both products and technology, Shanghai is China's leading medical equipment industry. With Shanghai as the center of the Yangtze River Delta region (including Jiangsu, Zhejiang) is one of China's three major medical equipment industry group, this region is characterized by the rapid development of industry, small and medium-sized enterprises, active region characteristic is obvious, the disposable medical instruments and supplies the domestic market share of more than half. In addition, there are ophthalmic equipment such as Suzhou, medical ultrasound in Wuxi, microwave and radiofrequency hyperthermia in Nanjing, MRI in Ningbo, and the comprehensive strength of Shanghai. Relatively speaking, they are more prominent.

In addition, the central region of Wuhan, which is centered in Chongqing, is also an emerging region with features of biomedical materials, implantable devices and tissue engineering.

2., trade is in surplus, but import growth is much stronger than exports

2013, China's economic slowdown, is the current economic transformation and upgrading, structural adjustment brought about by a change in growth patterns. Although the growth rate is lower than the previous two digit, but this kind of growth is toward more balanced, higher quality and more lasting