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New medical instruments industry dilemma


Health care reform Shirupozhu, compared with before 2016 can be described as a hurricane, the industry began to completely Yaoxie mighty wave crashing on a sandy shore! A mechanical enterprise to sustainable development, the four elements are indispensable: varieties, personnel, models, profits. Then, what are the difficulties faced by the four elements now compared with the past?

The variety is gone

The registration fee of a batch of high block: this thing is still spreading, three types of medical equipment registration fees, ranging from tens of thousands of pieces of up to 300 thousand; registration fee for two types of medical equipment was very low, has now risen to eighty thousand or ninety thousand; only a few thousand dollars to the original registration fee, now up to tens of thousands; if the variety is not good enough, are too lazy to register again.

Check out a batch process: in June last year, CFDA started medical clinical experimental verification affairs, until October of that year end, there are issues of authenticity shall not be registered. This year, the work will only increase and will not decrease.

Bidding kicked off a batch: bidding is the current high value consumables enter the market key link, the past 2 years, the bidding for many machinery prices are brought about are nightmares: everywhere in price cuts! Finally entered the hospital for sale, the hospital for six months a year without payment, resulting in capital chain tension, fracture. Relatively miserable, a large variety of supplies, therefore, kicked out of the tender directory, the loss of public hospitals the largest market.

Consumption accounted for a group: after a few years after the tender rolling, health insurance began to strong, superior position. A major move to reduce health care costs is to reduce consumption, and in 2017, health care reform pilot cities will be reduced to less than 20%! What's more, a big province like Guangdong?! By 2018 dropped to less than 18%, in 2020 dropped to less than 15%. Hospitals are buying less and less, destined for someone to be out.

Mergers and acquisitions have taken on a number of mergers and acquisitions over the past few years, and some of them have also achieved rapid growth in profits through mergers and acquisitions! But the mechanical enterprises mergers and acquisitions, focusing on the development of the nature is the dominant species, a large number of non dominant varieties must click off. In this way, another batch of varieties gone.

Stands for running

When the variety is gone, the representative will run: "you say, the varieties are gone. What are the familiar channels, relationships, and what else?" Got to find a new club. Terminal resource is king, breed is next. Here does not leave the God, has left the God place; everywhere does not leave the God, the God does the self-employed.

The registration system after the delegates will run after Yaoxie delegates will be filing system, and not only can sell drugs, academic, medical and so will believe. But many people are not in the medical background, he does not meet the requirements of the ah. This policy to push back a part of representative.

Model changed, drug generation will run: two votes system, the new deal under the marketing model transformation and upgrading, will make some representatives very uncomfortable, can not adapt to the only eliminated. Even in the two vote conference officials said "let the representative Yaoxie disappear, let everybody panic. In particular, some affiliated natural persons, the possibility of disappearance is great. And their disappearance, will directly affect the operation of the large package of pharmaceutical companies to survive.

Patterns change

Price model finished: the past is the mainstream marketing mode, through basic external affiliates, the company completed ticket market promotion, cost of circulation, but the "two vote + + replacing business tax with value-added tax(VAT) Jinshui three" under the new environment, the price model is completely finished, opening mode comes back. With the increase in taxes and fees, how to share, a large amount of commission, how to honor, a large number of bills how legitimate compliance? Many pharmaceutical companies really can not handle, may be eliminated.

A block mode: on the one hand, anti pressure, anti scratch, on behalf of doctors, ranging from administrative punishment kicked out of heavy industry, is sentenced to jail, was released every year, Dean, department director sacked hundreds of cases, shocking, afraid. The doctor sun income is also a substantial increase in the gold needle, not death, but certain patterns suffocated.

To the hospital for medical insurance mode: before, is not to save money, save money for second years for less, saving money cannot be divided; after through controlling health care costs, have a lot of money, the money saved can be divided out is not illegal. Before prescribing drugs, with more supplies more profit; after DRGs, medical supplies lower profits more open; excessive prescription check the hospital but also lose money; what pills do have to check out.

In 2017, in particular, the death order was issued: 320 categories of DRGs were issued; in the 200 health reform pilot cities, 100 kinds of diseases were paid!

The academic model Hing: in DRGs mode, the advent of clinical pathway marketing mode, and the past doctor of the gold marketing loss of soil, academic marketing, marketing has become the trend of clinical pathway. Not to do, but also outdated, but also suffer squeeze, or even eliminated.

The profit is small

Rising costs lead to space reduction: raw material prices, labor costs, office costs, logistics, transport prices, environmental costs, as if not seen what is the price cut. Oh, wrong, and supplies, reagents prices are declining!

The executive led to the loss of profits: bidding, medical insurance and so on. As a military enterprise, there is always a balance between market and profit. He who seizes the market without profit has to die; he who has no profit margin has no market, and must die. In the period of policy change, the price of death will not be less, but more.

Life and death line has been delineated, dead carry on the end, there is a future!

You see, varieties have been not only a few, and adjust the mode of not doing a good job, the products have lower profit, their representatives also run a lot, the enterprises can not bad?

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