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New gameplay? Intelligent infusion pumps can detect abnormalities and send alerts to doctors


If you are healthy and energetic and have not been given injections and fluids for many years, you will be surprised to see this new infusion device and even wonder: am I on the infusion?

Ha ha, don't worry, it just changed clothes, it is called infusion pump.

As we all know, intravenous infusion is a commonly used way of administration. According to the nature of the drug and the patient's constitution, the speed of intravenous infusion is also different. The transfusion is too fast and too slow to achieve the desired therapeutic effect. The infusion pump is a kind of intelligent infusion device which can accurately control the number of infusion drops, ensure the uniform speed of infusion process, accurate dosage, and intelligent infusion. According to the network access, intelligent infusion pumps are often used to strictly control the amount of drugs, such as the use of booster drugs, anti arrhythmic drugs.

And intelligent infusion pump detects abnormal, will call the police. When this horrible sound rings, the most afraid of is that the doctor or nurse is not around, calling every day should not call the ground does not work well, but if the intelligent infusion pump alarm signal is sounded on the doctor's cell phone?